Board & Staff


Board of Directors

  • John M. Borek, Jr., Ph.D.*, Treasurer  Higher Education Consultant
  • Jaquelin Gotlieb, M.D.*  Co-Founder and Practicing Pediatrician, The Pediatric Center of Stone Mountain, LLC
  • Martha Katz, Chair  Health Policy Consultant
  • S. Jarvin Levison, J.D.*, Secretary  Attorney, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
  • Roland Matthews, M.D.  Professor and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Nancy M. Paris, Vice Chair  President, Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education
  • Robert L. Zwald, L.L.D.*  Retired Hospital Administrator

(* Founding Director of the Georgia Health Foundation)



  • John W. Stephenson, Consultant
  • Betsey Kates, Assistant Treasurer
  • Beth Jarrard, Assistant Secretary